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Devon hire



Hello, I’m Hannah, founder and owner of The Natural Hire Company. Thanks so much for visiting my site!

I’ve spent the last 14 years in the beautiful town of Totnes, which, from anyone that lives here, will know evokes creative thinking. I have a passion for travel, events, walking and this breath-taking county which I find myself within.

In 2019, I developed an overwhelming urge to organise a charity ball, after stumbling across an article which was close to my heart. I prepared and planned meticulously, with the aim of creating a sustainable event which gave something back. From here, The Secret Garden Boho Ball was born, and what did this ball need? A great big bar! I sketched ideas, consulted with my husband, and together we built our first ever bar, all from disused pallets. It created such a stir, with many a guest querying who had built it. My mind has been ticking ever since.  

I started to design bars, props, and even turned my hand to macramé. It’s amazing how the simple beginnings of an idea can keep on rolling.

Being the daughter of an antique dealer, I soon realised I shared my father’s passion for finding preloved goods, there’s something special in passing on one person’s story to the next. From this point on, my collection grew and here we are today.



Devon is full of inspiring, creative and talented people, many of which I have the pleasure of knowing. Since developing this business, we have collaborated with people who can help with photography, styling, PR, branding, and flowers. Each have their areas of expertise and can assist with whatever your shoot or event may need. Just contact us for further details.



I may have learnt macramé, but I would not trust myself with a circular saw! Welcome Radley, my talented husband. A builder and plumber by trade and I’m yet to find something this man can’t build. I sketch my ideas, we plan our approach, and several days later, we’ve made ourselves the vision.

He’s built pagodas, porches, bathroom countertops, and even a bridge for our friends back garden. Call me biased, but he’s excellent at what he does.

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