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Proposal spots in Devon

Updated: May 2, 2021

For my first ever post on this site, I’ve decided to cover some of the spots in Devon which would be perfect for not only proposals, but for special picnics, moments of contemplation (if you have the time), and generally places to take the people you love. With around 128 miles of South Devon coastline to cover, I’m not going to do it all in one sitting, I fear I may lose you! Instead, I have opted for a very special four for today.

1.Bigbury and the Bantham estuary – (Very easy)

This beautiful estuary is a stunning spot
The view from Folly Farm

Situated just above Bigbury, this spot is breath-taking. It offers a beautiful view of Burgh island when you first arrive at the car park, only to be rewarded further with the Bantham estuary and a cosy little chair to view it from (This is the spot to get down on one knee)!

How to get there

Park at Folly Farm (TQ7 4AR). There is usually a little cash tin to pop your money into. Last time I checked this was £3 for the day. Once you have parked, take a moment to absorb the stunning view down over Bigbury and Burgh island. I’d say this is one of the most scenic parking spots in the county.

With Burgh island directly ahead, walk left towards the main road, crossing it to take the path left of Folly farm. From here, a 2 minute walk passing through a gate, will bring you to the first of the U shaped stone seats. There are 2 to choose from, both offering a similar view of the incredible vista below. This in my opinion, is the spot you’re looking for.

Things to bear in mind:

The sun will set to the right of you as you are looking at the Estuary. Due to the hill height, you may lose the sun on that spot around 7pm in the summer months, so get there earlier if you want to be bathed in sunlight.

2. Aymer Cove (1-2 Miles one-way approximately, with a great big hill at the end).

Sticking to the same neck of the woods, my next suggestion begins at Aymer Cove car park. For this route, you will drive through the beautiful village of Ringmore and park at TQ7 4HR.

Looking over to Burgh island, Aymer and Bantham.
The view from Aymer Cove

Once you have parked, walking towards the end of the car park brings you to a mile long path leading down to Aymer cove (all downhill).

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful Aymer beach with its dramatic slate rocks protruding out to sea. The beach has a mystical charm, it’s as if no one has been there for years.

As you are looking out to sea, the South west coast path heads up a steep hill to your right. Take a deep breath and climb this ascent. Once you have reached the top, you’ll be greeted with the stunning view to your left of Bantham beach and Burgh island. This is the spot!

Things to bear in mind:

This spot should enjoy sunlight well into the evening, being high up with the sun setting to your right as you are looking out to sea. Allow at least 30 minutes to walk to the beach, enjoy a moment there, and then head up the hill.

3. Hope cove - Easy with a steady climb involved

Looking out to sea from Hope Cove and beyond
Sunset from Hope cove

The beautiful Hope cove needs very little introduction. It is a well renowned, beautiful spot. There are wonderful little pockets amongst this village to take a moment to enjoy the view. It is also one of my favourite spots to enjoy a sunset.

However, my suggestion leads you a little out of the cove itself and takes you higher, offering a view of the cove and along the coast to Thurlestone, Bantham, Monthercombe and on a very clear day, beyond.

To begin, park at the jetty to the very left-hand side of Hope cove. It’s the furthest point to the left of the cove, until all you have are the cliffs. There are usually spots just below the white hotel there.

With the sea on your right, walk past the jetty where you’ll see steps and a gate directly in front of you. Take the shaded path out of the cove and into a field, where to your right you will be rewarded by the splendour of Hope cove.

Follow this path to the top of the hill. If you get to this spot as the sun is going down, you will be able to watch an uninterrupted sunset out to sea. This is the special spot!

Things to bear in mind:

Afternoon into evening time is a great time to enjoy this area for the sunset it offers. The day is equally as dramatic, it just depends what light you are looking for.

The walk itself takes around 15 minutes in total to get this spot, but allow a little extra time to stop and take in the views beyond.

East Portlemouth to Gara - slightly challenging (if you do the full 4-mile loop).

Turquoise waters and white sands, the ideal proposal spot.
The beautiful beach just after Mill Bay

This route has so many beautiful spots dotted along its length. If you are looking for pure white sands, turquoise waters which tempt even in the winter months, with a woodland tunnel to finish, then this is the route for you.

To begin, park at The National Trust “Mill bay” car park situated at TQ8 8PU. Once parked, take the path directly ahead, which runs up to the left of Mill bay beach, taking you into a canopy of trees, with beautiful views of Mill bay sands and Salcombe. The sea here is incredible.

Continue this path for five minutes or so, until you see a fork in the route. Take the right hand path to reach the beach that postcards are made of. This is the spot of dreams!

Once you have enjoyed the beach and maybe braved a dip, take the path back to the fork you turned right at, and head up this hill. This will take you on a full 4 mile loop, all the way to Gara rock, with numerous picnic spots and beauty spots to enjoy. This walk is a full loop with more details provided on The Natural Trust website.

Things to bear in mind:

Even if you don’t like swimming, take your swimwear. I’m pretty sure these waters will tempt even the faint hearted.


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