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The power of colour

Updated: May 2, 2021

With Spring upon us, I feel inspired to talk about the power of colour. It’s something we’re all aware of, we know what it can do, and from a young age many of us will learn the difference between blue & red. It goes something along the lines of “The red car and the blue car had a race”! I joke, but despite experiencing it daily, it was only when I styled shoots for this company, that I truly discovered the ease of transformation with the most subtle of changes.

Having launched this business with one eye firmly on an eco ethos, this notion of transformation with minimal fuss really does appeal to me. We are fast becoming a world that wastes because things are no longer on trend. However, you can buy a preloved item, contemplate whether dated at first glance, only to discover that this same item can change and change again, by styling it with various colours and themes.

Take this cane sofa for example.

To many, this would fall into a “retro” category, and in many respects, I suppose it does. Ten years ago, I may have looked at this and seen “Trotters independent traders”, but today I see lightweight, preloved, natural, and not to mention, versatile!

For my first shoot using this piece, I styled the furniture using dusky pinks, whites, and geometric patterns here and there to give it a Scandinavian feel. To complete the look, I bought in plants. (You will discover very quickly that I love plants).

Having styled this once, I started to ponder Christmas and whether such a summery, neutral seat, could work with the required look. With the simplest of changes to a richer backdrop, a deep red rug, silver accessories, and my husband’s trusty sled; the set was transformed, and I found myself humming “Good king Wenscleslas” in a matter of minutes.

I tried a similar approach with this next wicker sofa. Whites and natural weaves were originally used to evoke visions of The Balearics.

With a simple change to brown, orange and copper, the look was transformed to an Autumnal woodland corner.

Our final example uses our beautiful peacock chairs. Very little build up or fuss is required to show off these wonderful works of craftmanship, however once again, lace and jute take us to Ibiza, yet a simple splash of green and blue, take us swiftly to the peacock himself.

This may seem like an obvious post, but I speak to so many people who hit a wall when it comes to colour and vision. I take great delight in telling you that those amazing pieces of furniture with years left in their joints can be recycled, reused, recovered in different fabrics, and styled perfectly to suit the very look you are searching for, and we are here to help!


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