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The premium boho picnic

The premium boho picnic


This package seats 12 - 14 people, and is the top end of the boho picnic range. 

The package includes: 

2 x Pallet tables
2 x aztec pouffes
2 x sierra pouffes
2 x banana leaf pouffes
1 x Rattan stool 
1 x poppy bloom pouffe 
2 x cream floor cushions
2 x peacock chairs
2 x beige floor cushions 
Table frame
Hanging macrame shades x 4
Boho cushions x 6
Lace tablecloth 

2 demijohns with Pampas

1 x picnic basket 

1 x throw of your choice 


Product number 0046

Price is for all items listed above. 

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